Ripple CTO Weighs In on GOP’s Anti-CBDC, Pro-Bitcoin Stance

Ripple CTO David Schwartz discusses the GOP's shift towards anti-CBDC, pro-Bitcoin mining policies. This move has sparked positive market reactions, with Bitcoin and Ethereum prices surging.

  • Ripple CTO discussed the GOP’s evolving crypto stance.
  • GOP shifts towards anti-CBDC, pro-Bitcoin mining policy.
  • Crypto market reacts positively, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices surge.

Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, David Schwartz, weighed in on the Republican party’s evolving stance on crypto, particularly their opposition to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and support for Bitcoin mining.

The discussion unfolded on platform X (formerly Twitter) and comes as the GOP prepares to formally announce its updated digital currency policy at its upcoming convention.

The Republican party, preparing for its convention from July 15-18 to nominate a 2024 presidential candidate, has openly criticized the concept of a CBDC, citing concerns about financial privacy and economic freedom. “We believe that CBDCs pose a threat to financial privacy and economic freedom,” a party spokesperson said. This move has captured the a…

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