Why Tech-Savvy Investors Stacking 3 Trump Coins Before Bitcoin 2024 Conference

Trump Coins

Trump Coins have become a sensation in the crypto space, and the coming Bitcoin 2024 conference in Nashville may send them into overdrive. Donald Trump is slated to give a 30-minute speech at the meeting, a positive gesture to the crypto community. Trump will speak on July 27, the event’s last day. Following his confirmation, a newly minted Trump Coin skyrocketed 5000% in just 3 hours. Here are other Trump coins to stack before July 27.

1. Trump Coins – MAGA (TRUMP)

MAGA meme coin markets itself as the number one token in PolitiFi (the intersection between crypto and politics). The meme coin was launched on the Ethereum blockchain but expanded its roots to Solana, BaseL2, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). One of the primary features of the MAGA meme coin is its charity to veterans and child trafficking prevention services in the United States. So far, the project has donated over 289 ETH to US Veterans and over 253 ETH to Child Trafficking Prevention, a total of 542 ETH ($1.7 million). MAGA raises these funds through their 1% tax on all buys, sells, and transfers involving their token.


TRUMP’s price hovered around $6.05 during European business hours on Thursday. This represents a 19.2% increase in the last seven days, a testament to increased investor interest as the Bitcoin conference nears. Sitting at a $280 million market cap, the TRUMP 24-hour volume has risen by 54%, signaling a recent increase in market activity. TRUMP price has found support around $5 after hitting an all-time high of $17 on June 2.  

2. MAGA Hat (MAGA)

MAGA Hat, created after the TRUMP, was inspired by Donald Trump’s hat. Unlike TRUMP, MAGA does not have a philosophy behind it. The token has 0% taxes and is 100% community-driven. The developers banked on getting support from Trump enthusiasts, and the plan has worked in their favor. MAGA is listed on several centralized exchanges, including Huobi, Gate.io, and MEXC.

MAGA HAT - Trump Coins

MAGA’s price jumped 12.1% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.0001788 at press time. The price increase coincides with a 25% increase in trading volume in the previous 24 hours. Increasing volume and price are often signals for an uptrend. MAGA’s market cap is at $73 million, which is low enough for at least a 2–10X surge in the event of positive news. The Bitcoin conference may provide the necessary catalyst to push the meme coin over the $100 million mark.

The price of MAGA is at a crucial level, right below the $0.0002 support-turned-resistance level. If the bulls work hard, they can breach this resistance and send MAGA back to $0.0004. 

3. Doland Tremp (TREMP)

Doland Tremp is one of the older Trump coins. Launched on the Solana network, TREMP’s price surged initially before a correction took over. This Solana meme coin was the first 2024 presidential meme-candidate in space. TREMP received a listing on the Kraken Pro platform, further improving its legitimacy in the market. TREMP was also the first of this kind to hit $100 million in market cap, but since then, its value has dropped.


The price of TREMP is $0.421, representing a 3.8% increase in the last 7 days. The politifi meme coin formed a rounded top between late May and early June, which resolved into a bearish reversal that saw the price drop to a low of $0.33 on July 9. If TREMP bears prevail, a support structure exists around the $0.25 price. On the flip side, if bulls prevail, the TRMP price may rise, and the $0.75 partial resistance may be tested before returning to the $1.37 all-time high price.

Being the first runner in space counts for something since “old is gold.” Trump’s address at the Bitcoin 2024 conference is expected to be dovish for crypto and Trump coins. As the first of its kind, TREMP is expected to perform better than the other newer Trump coins.


Tech-savvy investors are showing increased interest in these three Trump-themed cryptocurrencies ahead of the Bitcoin 2024 Conference. This trend shows the growing intersection between political sentiment, crypto investments, and speculation on potential market movements during high-profile crypto events.

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