Top 3 AI Tokens For Massive Gains This Q3!

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With the cryptocurrency market adding approximately $150 Billion in valuation over the past 3 days, the price of Bitcoin has successfully reclaimed the $58,000 mark during the early Asian trading hours today.

Moreover, with an increase in bullish sentiment among the top altcoins, the AI category has displayed a similar trend by adding 2.33% to its category’s valuation. Further, top Artificial Intelligence tokens have displayed a double-digit surge, indicating an increase in the bullish outlook.

Scroll down as, in this article, we have covered the top 3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) tokens, that have the potential to record a massive surge in their respective portfolios during the upcoming weeks.

Injective Price Successfully Retests Its Crucial Support:

Amid increased volatility in the cryptocurrency market, the INJ price has jumped approximately 5% within the past day with a trading volume of $119.64 Million, a change of +9.80%. Moreover, the AI token has retested its crucial support, indicating increased positive influence.

Injective Price Analysis
TradingView: INJ/USDT

The technical indicator, MACD, has displayed a constant decline in the red histogram, indicating an increase in the buying pressure within the crypto space. Moreover, the averages show a bullish convergence, suggesting that the Injective price will continue trading under a positive influence.

If the bulls continue to dominate the crypto market, the Injective price will head toward its upper resistance level of $28.25 in the coming time. Conversely, a negative reversal could pull the INJ crypto toward its crucial support level of $16.75.

Render Price Displays Increased Price Action:

With a jump of approximately 5% within the past day, the RNDR price has successfully regained momentum. Moreover, this AI token is currently trading at a discount of over 50%, making this an excellent opportunity to stack more tokens as it has strong fundamentals.

Render Price Analysis
TradingView: RNDR/USDT

The EMA 50/200-day displays a constant decline, highlighting a high possibility of a Death Cross in the 1D time frame.

On the other hand, the RSI indicator has displayed a constant rise with a potential bullish convergence in its price chart. Taking both indicators into consideration, the Render price shows a mixed sentiment.

If the crypto market experiences a bullish price action over the next few days, this could result in the Render token testing its upper resistance level of $9.450 this July. However, bearish price action could pull the RNDR coin price toward its low of $5.30.

Theta Network Price On The Verge Of Testing Its Important Resistance Level:

The THETA price continues to display a positive price action for the third consecutive day by adding approximately during this time. Moreover, the altcoin has jumped 7.23% within the past day with a change of +2.89% in its trading volume to $20.809 Million.

Theta Network Price Analysis
TradingView: THETA/USDT

The MACD indicator has displayed a constant flatline in its chart, suggesting a weak price action for the Theta Network price in the market. Further, the averages record a neutral trend, suggesting uncertainty in future price action.

If the market pushes the THETA crypto above its resistance level of $1.410, this altcoin will prepare to test its upper resistance level of $1.975. Negatively, if the bears regain momentum, the Theta Network price will drop toward its low of $0.930.