Here is the Next Billion-Dollar Memecoin After PEPE, FLOKI, WIF & BONK!

Crypto Expert Reveals Top 2 Memecoins Set to Hit New Highs Soon

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Out of a $2.15 trillion market capitalization, the memecoins hold a significant share of over $42 billion, with a decent trading volume of around $3 billion to $5 billion. The start of the year witnessed a notable rise, which was led by a popular memecoin, Pepe. Following this, FLOKI, and the newly launched memecoins like WIF, BONK, BOME & BRETT, along with some more tokens, surged magnificently. This has led to the origin of a new token that gained significant strength in a very short amount of time. A newly launched token, PeiPei, has manifested a similar pattern and is expected to remain elevated for a few more days. 

Peipei, the Ethereum-based memecoin, emerged as a top gainer among the top 500 cryptos in the market. The volume has been soaring heavily since the start of the month, rising from levels below $100 million to levels above $220 million in just a week. Moreover, the token appears to be a tough competition for the current memecoin champion, PEPE. 

PeiPei is up by over 60%, which suggests the token is not following the market and doing its own thing. Will PeiPei replace Pepe as the most popular memecoin or will it will repeat the BRETT playbook?

The above chart shows the comparison of all the major memecoins against the trending PeiPei token. While the other tokens have been following a similar, pre-determined trend, PeiPei’s price has demonstrated a monstrous rally. The price dropped below the average range while the rest of them remained largely stable and kicked off a massive upswing and are trading above 150% above the average range. 

The PeiPei price formed new highs at $0.0000003484 and is trading just 10% away from these levels. The bulls have resumed their dominance over the token after a brief accumulation of strength, a fresh upswing may resume riding the price above $0.00000035, forming a new ATH.