DeFi Land Secures $4.1M, Prepares To Launch DeFi Game On Solana
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DeFi Land Secures $4.1M

  • DeFi Land completes its first round of investment—reports say the total amounts to $4.1 million.
  • Dozens of investors showed support for the project, like Alameda and Solana Foundation.
  • This project aims to make DeFi more appealing and accessible, especially to non-crypto users.

DeFi Land, the gamified decentralized finance platform announced that it already completed its first round of investment, amounting to $4.1 million. Dozens of investors allocated capital to DeFi Land’s project in the past weeks. According to DeFi Land, “gamifying investment action can make DeFi more appealing and accessible.”

To note, DeFi Land is a multi-chain agriculture simulation web game. It gamifies traditional DeFi Protocols, creating intuitive and educational solutions for all those who are exploring other finance solutions. Through this, decentralized finance becomes more accessible to a global audience—which is, in fact, DeFi Land’s “crucial priority.”

Going back, according to the announcement, because …