Multinational Security Firm Prosegur Launches Crypto Custody Arm
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Multinational Security Firm Prosegur Launches Crypto Custody Arm

  • Publicly-traded security firm Prosegur enters crypto with Prosegur Crypto arm
  • The firm created the Crypto Bunker which fends off digital and physical attacks
  • Prosegur secures $400 billion worth of assets under its custody

The multinational firm Prosegur will venture into crypto with the Prosegur Crypto. The company specializes in physical and cyber security solutions. Now, the team is launching custody services for cryptocurrency.

The project is launching what they call the Crypto Bunker. They described

it as a multi-layer defense-in-depth mechanism.

Simply put, it protects its customer’s assets from both physical and digital attacks.

Aside from being impenetrable from the outside, the bunker also features cold storage. This means that assets are secured in offline wallets. This makes it safe from hacking attempts.

Raimundo Castilla, CEO of Prosegur Crypto expressed their readiness…