Ndau’s Adaptive Properties Earn a Place on KuCoin Exchange
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dau’s Adaptive Properties Earn a Place on KuCoin Exchange

ndau is a unique digital asset with the ability to capture the growth in the cryptocurrency market while mitigating the effect of its downturns. It relies on adaptive mechanisms that are built into the network. These monetary policies only increase the supply of ndau according to real market demand and decrease supply during sell-offs, thus pacing the currency’s value through a price bonding curve.

The network also offers an appealing staking program unlike any other in the cryptocurrency market. ndau’s Ecosystem Alignment Incentive (EAI) pays long-term holders up to 15 percent in annual rewards when they stake their funds over a three-year period. Different from other programs, ndau distributes this EAI directly to holders’ wallets without the need for third-party custody. 

These properties make ndau the ideal alternative for a store of value. One that caught the attention of