NUTS Finance’s ‘Tree’ Receives Acala Ecosystem Grant
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NUTS Finance’s ‘Tree’ Receives Acala Ecosystem Grant

  • ‘Tree’ of NUTS Finance is receiving the Acala Ecosystem Grant.
  • Together, they will elevate efficient trading.
  • The collaborators will build a strong DeFi-focused network.

NUTS Finance’s ‘Tree’ is getting the inaugural Acala Ecosystem Grant. This protocol is a synthetic asset protocol. It optimizes liquidity fragmentation whilst increasing asset usability within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Powered by the Stable Asset system, ‘Tree’ enables incredibly efficient trading at low risk. It offers closely pegged assets that offer two capabilities. To elaborate, these are Stable Swap and Stable Asset.

Specifically, Stable Swap is a highly capable exchange liquidity pool. On the other hand, a Stable Asset is a synthetic asset that is backed by a basket …