Gain giant returns of 1000% with Quitriam Finance, Vechain, and Internet Computer – Quitriam Finance (QTM), Internet Computer (ICP)

The total supply of the Quitriam Finance coin is fixed at 500 billion and 30% has been reserved for the presale period

1000% returns may be unheard of in some traditional investment spheres but such profits are quite common in the cryptocurrency sector provided you can choose the right mix of coins and hold onto your assets in the long term. Quick returns are generally reserved for traders but it is the long-term users who can gain heavily by holding onto their investments and not selling quickly. Let us discuss three coins that could potentially generate such high returns in the future. There 3 cryptos are: Quitriam Finance (QTM), Vechain (VET), and Internet Computer (ICP). 

Quitriam Finance (QTM) leads small-cap rally with huge buy volumes

The small-cap buy rally has officially started with huge buy volumes being displayed in the presale period of Quitriam Finance. You can get it at very attractive prices and the rally could soon spike the price of QTM to higher levels resulting in huge profits. 

The total supply of the Quitriam Finance coin is fixed at 500 billion and 30% has been reserved for the presale period. 

The primary function of the Quitriam Finance ecosystem is to serve as a decentralized exchange (DEX). It will also help users to farm tokens and serve as an incubator for interesting projects in the blockchain space. $QTM token hоldеrѕ will receive ѕtаking and farming rеwаrdѕ and also gain premium access to top tier рrоjесtѕ viа the QTM launchpad. A stable coin called QT will also be launched to establish liquidity pairs inside the ecosystem in an easy manner. 

Quitriam Finance

The QTM community will be governed through a DAO, which will decentralize decision-making power and make the tokens’ leadership more transparent and accountable.

The project will also include an NFT marketplace where users will be able to mint NFTs. The Quitriam Finance ecosystem will run on multiple blockchain networks and will support cross-chain compatibility. NFT еаѕtеr еgg huntѕ will be used to whitelist users to gain access to еxсluѕivе farm and staking рооlѕ. A lot of flexibility will be provided to every user as the system is DAO governed and very flexible.  

Spicy network establishes partnership with VeChain

Spicy Network, a DEX and launch incubator, has launched a partnership with VeChain to increase cross-chain compatibility across another network. VeChain is one of the oldest layer 1 solutions that have had a history of secure operations. It has not been hacked to date. The VeChain blockchain is a full-fledged network that allows developers to run smart contracts. 

The VET token was trading at $0.05 at the time of writing and can be added for gaining huge returns once the rally starts. The VET token can be staked and also generate passive income in the form of a gas token called VeThor.  

Total NFT volume on Internet Computer (ICP) surpasses 1,000,000

Internet Computer (ICP) has seen a surge in its volumes with the total NFT volume crossing 1,000,000. The Internet Computer ecosystem has also launched a hackathon to help towards building an NFT marketplaces on its platform. The ecosystem aims to drive the next generation of web 3.0 and be at the forefront of crypto technologies.