Axie Bounty Aid offers Axie Infinity players Prayer Delegation and 100 Fortune Slips based on weekly raffles. Read this article to learn more.

Axie Infinity has announced the Axie Bounty Aid to help players who find it difficult to complete more than 3 tasks daily on the bounty board due to not having enough fortune slips. This weekly series offers players a chance to win a prayer delegation with 100 Fortune Slips.

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The Daily Bounty Board in Axie Infinity allows players to earn AXS by completing various challenges and tasks. The Axie Bounty Aid program will pick 20 players every week and provide them with a Prayer Delegation lasting 1 week, along with 100 Fortune Slips.

How does the Axie Bounty Aid work?

For a chance to win, players need to complete three daily bounties, including winning a Classic battle, activating Aia, and winning one Origins battle. These are the prerequisites for being considered as an eligible candidate.

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After completing the tasks, players need to post their progress on X (formerly Twitter), include their Ronin address, tag @AxieInfinity, and include the hashtag #BountyAid.

Axie Infinity daily bounties (Source: Axie Infinity Support)

The initial Prayer Delegation offered to winning players as part of the Axie Bounty Aid lasts for 1 week. However, players who consistently post their progress and maintain a streak have the chance to extend their Prayer Delegation for up to a month.

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