The Next Big Cryptos Ready to Explode in 2024

Imagine if you had invested in Doge or Shiba Inu early. In 2024 we are once again on the threshold of such possibilities. Three of the next big crypto projects – Solciety, Poodlana, and Bitbot – are ready to explode and rock the crypto world.

Solciety combines political satire with meme culture to maximize attention and value. Poodlana is fashionablely taking over the Asian market, and Bitbot offers unparalleled security and advanced AI technology for smart traders.

Find out why these projects could be the next big hits of 2024 and prepare for a year full of potential and growth.

The next big cryptos ready to explode in 2024

If you’re looking to hit it big in 2024, these are the cryptos you would want to invest in:

  1. Solciety
  2. Poodlana
  3. Bitbot

1. Solciety: The political party of the degens

Solciety is a unique crypto project that embodies the spirit of degen culture. It’s all about generating Magic Internet Money powered by the only currency that really matters: attention. And nothing attracts more attention than memes. In the coming year, which will be jam-packed with election buzz worldwide, Solciety could really explode in popularity.

The Meme Campaigner is the core of Solciety’s viral marketing mechanism, which allows users to create and share satirical political memes on social media. The Meme Campaigner’s reach is expected to dominate every degen corner of the Web, with users having the chance to earn SLCTY tokens by spreading these memes.

Solciety thrives at the intersection of two booming markets: Solana meme coins and PolitiFi. The meme coin market as a whole has a capitalization of over $50 billion at the time of writing, and there are plenty of stories of investors making a huge splash with just a small investment.

PolitiFi has a market cap around the $1 billion mark. Coins like MAGA (TRUMP) have seen increases of a whopping +30,000% in the past year alone.

Solciety already has a strong community on X, Telegram, and Discord. And with 20% of tokens dedicated to marketing and 10% dedicated to rewards, the project’s tokenomics are designed to drive community engagement and meme creation, perpetually growing attention and value.

Looking ahead to 2024, Solciety stands out as a crypto to watch, poised to harness the power of memes and political passion to achieve significant growth.

To find out more and join the presale, visit Solciety’s website.

2. Poodlana: The haute couture of crypto

Poodlana, the self-described “Hermès of cryptocurrency,” is ready to revolutionize the market with a blend of high fashion and digital innovation. It will launch on the Solana blockchain with its luxurious branding and unique appeal, combining the glamour of the fashion world with the viral potential of dog-themed meme coins.

Scheduled for presale from 17th July to 16th August, Poodlana promises an immediate listing on decentralized exchanges within 60 minutes of the presale ending. This rapid transition to trading ensures investors can engage with the token without delays, offering a seamless entry into the market.

Poodlana’s appeal is further bolstered by its strategic focus on the Asian market, where poodles are a beloved breed and meme coins thrive. Poodlana is ready to capture the attention of trendsetters and tastemakers worldwide.

Be one of the first to join the presale by visiting Poodlana’s website.

3. Bitbot: The Telegram trading bot with high-grade AI trading power

What sets Bitbot apart is its AI ​​Gem Scanner. This tool provides casual traders with the type of powerful insights previously reserved only for big-dog institutional players. The Gem Scanner analyzes data from leading aggregators and social media to identify hidden gems – undervalued tokens with explosive growth potential. This allows retail traders to trade with confidence without having to rely on luck or intuition.

Then there’s Bitbot’s security. For many traders who want to get started with crypto trading bots, security is often a major concern. Bitbot is changing this with an innovative, non-custodial approach. Unlike competitors, Bitbot puts you in control of your funds, significantly reducing the risk of hacks that have affected other rival bots such as Unibot and Maestro. 

Bitbot has a strategic advantage because it focuses on the booming AI ​​market, a sector with enormous growth potential. This offers long-term investment opportunities for Bitbot users.

Check out Bitbot’s AI Telegram trading bot and token here.

Conclusion – What are the next big cryptos for 2024?

Solciety combines political satire with the power of memes to create maximum attention and value. Poodlana is ready to explode once it hits the exchanges within 60 minutes after the end of the presale. And Bitbot offers advanced AI technology and unparalleled security for traders. 

Prepare for a year full of opportunities with these cryptos.

  1. Solciety
  2. Poodlana
  3. Bitbot