TON Foundation Unveils Startup Accelerator, Partners With Sign & 1inch


The TON Foundation has unveiled a new startup accelerator program called “Triangle,” partnering with Sign and 1inch. This initiative aims to boost the crypto ecosystem within Telegram and The Open Network (TON). Triangle brings together major players in the blockchain space, including the viral Telegram-based game Notcoin.

The program seeks to leverage Telegram’s massive user base and TON’s growing prominence to foster Web3 adoption. It will focus on developing user-friendly applications and innovative “tap-to-earn” mini-apps. With its impressive lineup of mentors and clear vision, Triangle is positioned to make a significant impact on the blockchain startup landscape.

TON Foundation’s Strategic Partnership and Accelerator Launch

Triangle’s primary goal is to support projects that enhance TON’s user experience, develop “tap-to-earn” mini-apps, and create consumer applications bridging Web2 and Web3. The accelerator aims to onboard millions of people to Web3 seamlessly and in a user-friendly manner, capitalizing on Telegram’s extensive user base.

The program has assembled a notable roster of mentors, including Sign CEO Xin Yan, 1inch co-founder Anton Bukov, Berachain founder Smokey, and Layer Zero lead Max Power, among others from the TON Foundation and Notcoin. This collaboration comes at a time when TON has been experiencing significant growth, with its native token now ranking among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

The launch of Triangle shows the increasing integration of blockchain technology with mainstream messaging platforms and highlights the potential for further expansion of the Web3 ecosystem through user-friendly applications.

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TON Network’s Recent Developments & Market Impact

In recent occurences Binance, recently added Tether (USDT) support on the Toncoin Network. This development caused some price volatility for TON, with the price briefly spiking before quickly retracing. Users can now transfer USDT through the Toncoin Network on Binance, aligning with the exchange’s strategy to expand its multi-chain options.

Also the TON network has also seen a significant increase in high-value transactions, with those exceeding $1 million now dominating its on-chain volume. This surge in whale activity on the network is evident from the marked increase in dollar transactions since TON’s bullish trend in 2024.

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